First world problems

So I was reading an article on about some outfit that gather food donations for charity and they were saying…but don’t give us cans of tomatoes and/or chick peas.

The folk don’t want them nobody wants them. I thought if you’re hungry them eat it.  I have memories of always having canned tomatoes for ever in the cupboard …can always do something. Same with chick peas.

I’m just thinking this is news why? Is this an advertorial for the group. They’re left carrying all these unwanted cans.

Its just weird. Maybe this is a measure of dignity one can choose free food. It’s no necessarily fussy.

They want stuff that’s easy to prepare. Maybe too many folk are that dependent on fast food.

This is real first world problems.




I’ve been working with SharePoint for many years and people say to me its horrible I can’t do this and can’t do that.

Oh well its doomed to fail if you are doing it like this and like that.

What is the success of it really anyway what is it’s purpose.

Is it the role of a platform, software product to change the habits of the way people work . We all work so differently.

The clue I think is to observe the habits of those that wish to give it  a go.  Working in this way is a change this is going to change your habits.

Such a change is going to be a gradual change. One can’t change this too much.

If a persons day is working entirely in email then why bother.

But if you find a common thing that a few folk need to truly share and collborate on then you may have a chance.

It may take time.

It may be like this.

Put Policies on a page , get all policies on this page and organise them meaningfully , without folders so people can adjust their eyes to this , so editors can get used to this. So all can change a habit.

Next time through , use a standard template , editors can create a new one from scratch , tagging can be used in the document properties.  All the items are now in one central place being controlled well and managed.

It’s at this time that the provider and end user see benefit of this central place .

Habits have been changed.

This can be measured as a success. No one has had their whole  working day life usurped.

Outcomes from this success will lead to future requests for similar things to happen.

I now expect there to be less friction and all parties know about the way it works.

Less comments about it not being something else.

Its a long tale investment. As with all habits though there has to be a will to change that habit.