What’s the point?

Why this need to mark some space on a blog with an expectation that someone may read it and and get something some meaning.

Or is this just indulgence to scratch something somewhere as a legacy . This is what I managed to gift to the world this ramblings of thoughts.

Or is it more like the name suggests around a log . A log that I can come back to and refer to . Retrieve something back from the past when I thunk that thought.

Is it a place that I can safely scratch out some thoughts that will be safe within my own personal space never to be discovered by anyone.

I remember in 1994 when I got my first PC . 2 GB drive and 32 MB of ram and a 150 Pentium.

”This is gonna make me some money” I boldly announced to the family . It had certainly cost me 3.5 k.

6 years later I began my career in IT and am still figuring out the landscape , the meaning the reasons .

Much like life really trying to find meaning and purpose.

I think I will ever only just scratch the surface …

Perhaps that’s it?


Privacy in this day and age.

Does one have privacy any more. I was listening to the radio this week. This chap had submitted something to the local council. His information is available to be seen on the local council website. He was trolled and threatened.

A legal perspective was given and transparency was metioned. In the old days one could look up information by going to the council. However the internet of things has made this transparency far too open. The poor chap is now trying to figure out ways to hide his details or give false details to protect himself from this trolling.

I think that his details should be gathered but protected to a degree.

These days we give our details to the internet of things so easily and the cost to ourselves is mis understood.

I enjoy very much the way that Google helps me organise my photos. I like my Timeline and that I can see how much cycling and walking I have done. I like how it helps tag my photos with geo location.

I know I am being watched.

I know that they get to know me more and can glean from my movements through my devices. I know this and feel OK with it.

Imagine I am accused of being somewhere as part of a crime .

This information may be well challenged by my timeline alibi. All my devices may bear witness to where I am and have been. I am almost comforted by this.

Facebook I have felt that all data I through or post in Facebook, to me, is throw away data. But again the trade off is not so compelling. It seems that Facebook is seriously monetising it’s extremely intimate knowledge of us. I’m annoyed by the targeted frivolity and targeted ads that seem to come into my feed.

But this is not my feed this is all Facebook’s feed and I have opted in.

I am telling facebook where I am, what I am doing. Also I keep tabs also on relatives and friends in a way that I could never before.

So maybe I should opt out?

Perhaps I should get more privacy by writing letters and making phone calls to keep in touch. I  may indeed get a richer experience.  I used to enjoy sending and receiving mail in the post and making phone calls home.

At present I am lazy and stupid and seem to be happy to trade my privacy and value it so little . In return I get  my photos sorted , my interests and content thrown at me .

SO I shouldn’t blame Facebook  or Google I have devalued myself , willingly.

If I want privacy I can opt out .

I must write a letter this weekend and send it via post.

PS – I was listening to RNZ today and a talk about Blockchain.

There is hope we could take back our Privacy.

Trust me!

Love thy Neighbour

A house renovation that gave new meaning to love thy Neighbour
The poodle walker.
Week 1 – Demolition. the driveway and garage have gone
Week 2 a call from the builder – Troy. “Don the Council are on site and the police are on their way”
I arrive.. there’s a massive trailer almost blocking the street, packed with dirt and building material.
I park up, as I’m walking to the site.. A neighbour
Walks by with his poodle. We have never met. I say “good morning” with pride cos
I’m the guy building this beautiful home.
“when are you getting rid of the fucking asbestos.” Was his reply.
Troy greets me.
“There’s been a complaint. The council has an asbestos inspection going on now.
All work stops” . “And the cop?” I’m not sure but its regarding the asbestos. Will let you know.
“All’s good Don” Troy assures me. “There was no sign of asbestos when I priced the job” . “the Architect had checked also.”
Have to wait for a few days for the results .
I leave thinking about the enormous trailer and the poodle walker.

Those Teeth
Week 3. Another early call from Troy.
“ get down here your neighbour is going ballistic.”
Works halted… “can’t you sort it.? “
“No you better…”
That big trailer has gone …a digger Is excavating in the front where the new garage is going.. “we’re excavating right on the neighbours boundary.”
Troy ..tells me . But there’s more. Each morning the corner pegs had been removed. Start again each day for 3 or 4 days.
Some one is pissed. I’m about to meet Neil and Denise.
As Troy and I approach the boundary . I say with pride cos I’m the guy
Building this beautiful house. “Good morning” . Then Denise retorts.

Oh you’re a fucking vhhhjjh , expletives , bully fuck.
Flowers you c word …my ffff bulbs ….I breathe in …[Those teeth.
It’s like American gothic zombie Apocalypse]. “ you fucking arrogant”””
She goes on …[How does she chew I’m thinking, with those teeth.?]
I’m wiping the spit off my face.
Translation. “ My garden of bulbs and flowers Is gonna be wrecked by your building.
“let me say first of all. We’re gonna be neighbours for 30 yrs more or less.
“Let’s find a way forward. Or its gonna be a long 30 years for us all”
I go and huddle with Troy and clean up my face.
Troy’s got an idea. Let’s scoop up the garden keeping it whole with our digger.
And put it your front yard then return it with new top soil as a living garden when we finish the build
She wants this in writing by 7:30 am the next day.
I’m there at 7:25 am to give it in writing. “Good morning”
Those teeth are more calm .. “you’ll be hearing from my ffn lawyer. “ snatching the letter

11:30 ring from Neil she wants you to put
10k into an escew account. I say no. My offer is the best I can offer.
He accepts.
I go tell Troy the good news and he has some for me
The Demo guy was working odd hours.
At 3 to 5 am. The trailer had asbestos from other jobs. The cops had
Complaints on him. He moved his trailer to an access way behind the
Local shops and pissed off more of the neighbourhood
We wrote a letter to each household in our street,apologising and inviting all to the house warming. One should love thy neigbour.

What goes in to a design

I used to run a Stained-Glass Business in Dunedin, for 11 years.
I attended the home show each year, and I got most of my work from the show.
I’m just going to run through the process of one of those jobs.

Design starts with a brief
Location Gillion and Sons, a new Funeral chapel.
Part of the gathering space once inside.
A 6-meter blank wall. Fill in the blank

I ask for more hints. “No, I don’t want to influence you in any way.”
What a challenge? OMG I’m out of my depth here. I can’t do this. This is serious.
The “guy” looked like Colonel Sanders

The constraints
This is going to be a lightbox not a window. There was a lot of rimu timber in the place in all the trim the ceiling.

The context
This was a tidy place, not ostentatious. Not trying to be anything else but comforting.
Death is here. What kind of thing is appropriate?

Images start flashing …a scene a lake. No someone may have drowned. Nature …seemed to dominate my thoughts. No matter the scene, I thought oh that’s going to remind them of.

Well guess what …they are thinking of the deceased person that’s why they are here so stop thinking about it.

Put the Constraints and context run it through the brain again.
I thought 6 meters in length. Five panels in a frame on a wall. Don’t want to see the lights. But how can you change the batons. A wooden box with rimu framing around the panels removable to allow access. A diffusion layer to diffuse the light. Ventilation even fluros get hot. Need a tidy carpenter. This gave me something to work with.

I have a canvas
I sat down and drew these 5 panels. 1 tenth scale. I got a ruler and randomly scribed lines on angles going horizontally and then some vertical lines on some angles. I then rubbed some out and then started making shapes between and through the panels. I drew some curves and some shapes that begun to look like buildings, hills and landscapes. What seemed to evolve was a kind of evocation of the place of Dunedin.

This design came out of the profound affection I had for Dunedin. It truly was a great place. When I arrived for the first time by train the vista was astounding. The place was full of people that were friendly and genuine. I was a stranger that had been welcomed by so many. I majored in kinetic sound sculpture. I was able to start a business. I was a founding member of an arts collective. I was singing in bands. I have a connection to this place.

Customer very little brief, a space with its limitations and rules, consideration to the place the purpose. All affect the design.
I apply this kind of methodology to all that I do.

I still get a sense of being part of the place. Part of me that is part of there.

Forgiving oneself

Today I’ve been reflecting on events that happened in the past that still leave me angry. I hold some folk in contempt. I have noticed finally the following. I can’t change anything in them. But I can change my outlook. So I’m just gonna let it go.  If I don’t change the hurt I feel is only hurting me. I’m in a sulking loop , a never ending blame loop.

So yeah.

I forgive them and myself.

I was talking with a colleague today, and he suggested …how about you use some creative outlet and create some gift for them …

This is a great idea.

Option 1 do it!

Option 2 = Option 1

Life can be good

First world problems

So I was reading an article on stuff.co.nz about some outfit that gather food donations for charity and they were saying…but don’t give us cans of tomatoes and/or chick peas.

The folk don’t want them nobody wants them. I thought if you’re hungry them eat it.  I have memories of always having canned tomatoes for ever in the cupboard …can always do something. Same with chick peas.

I’m just thinking this is news why? Is this an advertorial for the group. They’re left carrying all these unwanted cans.

Its just weird. Maybe this is a measure of dignity one can choose free food. It’s no necessarily fussy.

They want stuff that’s easy to prepare. Maybe too many folk are that dependent on fast food.

This is real first world problems.




I’ve been working with SharePoint for many years and people say to me its horrible I can’t do this and can’t do that.

Oh well its doomed to fail if you are doing it like this and like that.

What is the success of it really anyway what is it’s purpose.

Is it the role of a platform, software product to change the habits of the way people work . We all work so differently.

The clue I think is to observe the habits of those that wish to give it  a go.  Working in this way is a change this is going to change your habits.

Such a change is going to be a gradual change. One can’t change this too much.

If a persons day is working entirely in email then why bother.

But if you find a common thing that a few folk need to truly share and collborate on then you may have a chance.

It may take time.

It may be like this.

Put Policies on a page , get all policies on this page and organise them meaningfully , without folders so people can adjust their eyes to this , so editors can get used to this. So all can change a habit.

Next time through , use a standard template , editors can create a new one from scratch , tagging can be used in the document properties.  All the items are now in one central place being controlled well and managed.

It’s at this time that the provider and end user see benefit of this central place .

Habits have been changed.

This can be measured as a success. No one has had their whole  working day life usurped.

Outcomes from this success will lead to future requests for similar things to happen.

I now expect there to be less friction and all parties know about the way it works.

Less comments about it not being something else.

Its a long tale investment. As with all habits though there has to be a will to change that habit.

Software is a colonial construct

I was having a robust discussion the other day and one thing the other guy said to me was “Software is a colonial construct”

This statement really made my hair stand on end and I thought hang on what?

I was taken back. In fact my mind has been in turmoil for weeks since this statement lay itself in front of me.

So why am I taken back by this. Well software is a tool. Yes it is a construct with limitations on what you can do ….but this is not either.

Everything is a colonial construct. So in countries that did not get colonized, is software a colonial construct.

It is in ones mind I suggest.

For years I have seen young fellows say they are not good enough.

I have seen some people not bother because they ain’t going to win.

Is it easier for me because of my skin ? Yes this is a biased caused by the colonial construct. But this just has to be broken and removed. It will take some doing but there are glimmers of hope.

Here’s a couple of articles that show this glimmer of hope.

If the hills could sue: Jacinta Ruru on legal personality and a Māori worldview

Brand Aotearoa

I’m only human after all

All the habits that I make or break over the years. The routines I fall into.  These are my behaviours where I feel safe.  Some one said to me the other day .

Software is a “Colonial construct” . Let me put some context to this but. This person is studying Maori that get involved in IT.

I was defensive of software. This is not about the colonial construct.

We can try to make software bi lingual. We can try to adapt software to do this and that for ever and a day. All in all software is a construct that we make to do something.

I am constantly hearing this software can do this and it can do that. What it won’t do is change behaviour.

This got me thinking …..

Then another pearler. Apple makes things so elegant so intuitive. “I don’t like that” …”I want to think for myself”

this got me thinking….

So yes what ever you like. It’s abstract.  Software has its own culture it dictates the way you input informatin. It has no concern or understanding of your culture . It conforms to rules and guides.

Can it ever be reflective of our culture. What can this mean.

What am I thinking writing this blog in the total absence of conversation.

Am I expecting that these ramblings will resonate with some one that may stumble across this and type yeah or like this.

Is it not my culture conversational.

What this is is my personal log. My notes jotted down for some kind of recall to come back to to draw an idea from.

This is a sketch , a solitary thing.

My private journal that’s in a public place. This software , this internet gives me the relative sanctuary of anonymity.

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