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I’ve recently been listening to music from back in the day. Re listening to all those albums that amazed me and inspired me. So I began to look for them online . I stumbled on a great site. which is an online 2nd hand CD shop. It’s like looking through endless bins and finding the odd gem and or the old CD that was re released from the Vynl. Now I can download the FLAC of the album. I remember when I began to replace my records with CDs some albums were re mastered. Was this partly marketing I thought . Nope. There’s a period of just copy and paste.

So this has led me to hunting for albums and collecting a new collection that I can stream from my NAS server all good. Cheap as chips.

Then I discovered its great I have a playlist of about 11 days worth of albums. It’s all good quality recordings.

Now I am gonna pay a premium price for streaming from tidal. I think its worth it. I  am spending a few bucks buying albums . I just don’t need to anymore.

It feels right. The musician gets paid better, the quality is great.

But the next dilemma . What do I now look for what albums who to help me choose. I don’t like the genre choosing for me system.

Thats when Radio comes in. A great station and when I like something I add an album from that musician on my tidal playlist.

Will albums now stop though?

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