What are Microsoft thinking

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I went to a talk last night about Machine Learning and ‘R’ Services in SQL 2016.

It was a very interesting talk. I think I understood the talk. However the conclusion was at one point though.

I imagine machine learning is using an abundance of CPU and RAM and such from a cluster of computing that one can call upon to learn stuff and process.

I understand that for years things like Data Layer , Business layers. Tiers of architecure for Dev’s to use logically.

This service from Microsoft seemed to be wanting to do this stuff right in close . Right in the SQL server itself.

The presenter rightly or wrongly emphasised how all DBA’s would go into a clench. They are alll worried about  performance.

To have such heavy lifting stuff in the same space competing for the same CPU , thread RAM.

Today it got me thinking what’s going on ?

What are microsoft really up to? Is it just so one can say

“Yeah we got machine learning …switched it on last night”

The takeaway was one of confusion. No doubt all will be revealed over the coming years.

One thing was attractive that my brain began to tick over was with the closeness of this perhaps there are some ways of using this method for running calculations and learning from your data close in at the data layer.

– Send transactions to your learning engine  and do something with.

– Do some smarts and manipulation that you can’t with simple rows

I think the clue is Microsoft is teasing us enticing us to try and see what we do.

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