I’m only human after all

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All the habits that I make or break over the years. The routines I fall into.  These are my behaviours where I feel safe.  Some one said to me the other day .

Software is a “Colonial construct” . Let me put some context to this but. This person is studying Maori that get involved in IT.

I was defensive of software. This is not about the colonial construct.

We can try to make software bi lingual. We can try to adapt software to do this and that for ever and a day. All in all software is a construct that we make to do something.

I am constantly hearing this software can do this and it can do that. What it won’t do is change behaviour.

This got me thinking …..

Then another pearler. Apple makes things so elegant so intuitive. “I don’t like that” …”I want to think for myself”

this got me thinking….

So yes what ever you like. It’s abstract.  Software has its own culture it dictates the way you input informatin. It has no concern or understanding of your culture . It conforms to rules and guides.

Can it ever be reflective of our culture. What can this mean.

What am I thinking writing this blog in the total absence of conversation.

Am I expecting that these ramblings will resonate with some one that may stumble across this and type yeah or like this.

Is it not my culture conversational.

What this is is my personal log. My notes jotted down for some kind of recall to come back to to draw an idea from.

This is a sketch , a solitary thing.

My private journal that’s in a public place. This software , this internet gives me the relative sanctuary of anonymity.

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