Software is a colonial construct

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I was having a robust discussion the other day and one thing the other guy said to me was “Software is a colonial construct”

This statement really made my hair stand on end and I thought hang on what?

I was taken back. In fact my mind has been in turmoil for weeks since this statement lay itself in front of me.

So why am I taken back by this. Well software is a tool. Yes it is a construct with limitations on what you can do ….but this is not either.

Everything is a colonial construct. So in countries that did not get colonized, is software a colonial construct.

It is in ones mind I suggest.

For years I have seen young fellows say they are not good enough.

I have seen some people not bother because they ain’t going to win.

Is it easier for me because of my skin ? Yes this is a biased caused by the colonial construct. But this just has to be broken and removed. It will take some doing but there are glimmers of hope.

Here’s a couple of articles that show this glimmer of hope.

If the hills could sue: Jacinta Ruru on legal personality and a Māori worldview

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2 Replies to “Software is a colonial construct”

  1. Too broad. Far too broad. Microsoft is a colonail entity. So is Apple. Oracle too – except for Java. Linux is not a colony. Open Source Software is not colonial. Colonial implies the bulk of the benefit returns to the imperial centre. Don’t see that happening with Linux so much. Except Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu increasingly so. Mint Linux immune to date.

    Colonial powers are a remedy to the tragedy of the commons – sort the commons and the colony dissolves.

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