Love thy Neighbour

A house renovation that gave new meaning to love thy Neighbour
The poodle walker.
Week 1 – Demolition. the driveway and garage have gone
Week 2 a call from the builder – Troy. “Don the Council are on site and the police are on their way”
I arrive.. there’s a massive trailer almost blocking the street, packed with dirt and building material.
I park up, as I’m walking to the site.. A neighbour
Walks by with his poodle. We have never met. I say “good morning” with pride cos
I’m the guy building this beautiful home.
“when are you getting rid of the fucking asbestos.” Was his reply.
Troy greets me.
“There’s been a complaint. The council has an asbestos inspection going on now.
All work stops” . “And the cop?” I’m not sure but its regarding the asbestos. Will let you know.
“All’s good Don” Troy assures me. “There was no sign of asbestos when I priced the job” . “the Architect had checked also.”
Have to wait for a few days for the results .
I leave thinking about the enormous trailer and the poodle walker.

Those Teeth
Week 3. Another early call from Troy.
“ get down here your neighbour is going ballistic.”
Works halted… “can’t you sort it.? “
“No you better…”
That big trailer has gone …a digger Is excavating in the front where the new garage is going.. “we’re excavating right on the neighbours boundary.”
Troy ..tells me . But there’s more. Each morning the corner pegs had been removed. Start again each day for 3 or 4 days.
Some one is pissed. I’m about to meet Neil and Denise.
As Troy and I approach the boundary . I say with pride cos I’m the guy
Building this beautiful house. “Good morning” . Then Denise retorts.

Oh you’re a fucking vhhhjjh , expletives , bully fuck.
Flowers you c word …my ffff bulbs ….I breathe in …[Those teeth.
It’s like American gothic zombie Apocalypse]. “ you fucking arrogant”””
She goes on …[How does she chew I’m thinking, with those teeth.?]
I’m wiping the spit off my face.
Translation. “ My garden of bulbs and flowers Is gonna be wrecked by your building.
“let me say first of all. We’re gonna be neighbours for 30 yrs more or less.
“Let’s find a way forward. Or its gonna be a long 30 years for us all”
I go and huddle with Troy and clean up my face.
Troy’s got an idea. Let’s scoop up the garden keeping it whole with our digger.
And put it your front yard then return it with new top soil as a living garden when we finish the build
She wants this in writing by 7:30 am the next day.
I’m there at 7:25 am to give it in writing. “Good morning”
Those teeth are more calm .. “you’ll be hearing from my ffn lawyer. “ snatching the letter

11:30 ring from Neil she wants you to put
10k into an escew account. I say no. My offer is the best I can offer.
He accepts.
I go tell Troy the good news and he has some for me
The Demo guy was working odd hours.
At 3 to 5 am. The trailer had asbestos from other jobs. The cops had
Complaints on him. He moved his trailer to an access way behind the
Local shops and pissed off more of the neighbourhood
We wrote a letter to each household in our street,apologising and inviting all to the house warming. One should love thy neigbour.