Privacy in this day and age.

Does one have privacy any more. I was listening to the radio this week. This chap had submitted something to the local council. His information is available to be seen on the local council website. He was trolled and threatened.

A legal perspective was given and transparency was metioned. In the old days one could look up information by going to the council. However the internet of things has made this transparency far too open. The poor chap is now trying to figure out ways to hide his details or give false details to protect himself from this trolling.

I think that his details should be gathered but protected to a degree.

These days we give our details to the internet of things so easily and the cost to ourselves is mis understood.

I enjoy very much the way that Google helps me organise my photos. I like my Timeline and that I can see how much cycling and walking I have done. I like how it helps tag my photos with geo location.

I know I am being watched.

I know that they get to know me more and can glean from my movements through my devices. I know this and feel OK with it.

Imagine I am accused of being somewhere as part of a crime .

This information may be well challenged by my timeline alibi. All my devices may bear witness to where I am and have been. I am almost comforted by this.

Facebook I have felt that all data I through or post in Facebook, to me, is throw away data. But again the trade off is not so compelling. It seems that Facebook is seriously monetising it’s extremely intimate knowledge of us. I’m annoyed by the targeted frivolity and targeted ads that seem to come into my feed.

But this is not my feed this is all Facebook’s feed and I have opted in.

I am telling facebook where I am, what I am doing. Also I keep tabs also on relatives and friends in a way that I could never before.

So maybe I should opt out?

Perhaps I should get more privacy by writing letters and making phone calls to keep in touch. I  may indeed get a richer experience.  I used to enjoy sending and receiving mail in the post and making phone calls home.

At present I am lazy and stupid and seem to be happy to trade my privacy and value it so little . In return I get  my photos sorted , my interests and content thrown at me .

SO I shouldn’t blame Facebook  or Google I have devalued myself , willingly.

If I want privacy I can opt out .

I must write a letter this weekend and send it via post.

PS – I was listening to RNZ today and a talk about Blockchain.

There is hope we could take back our Privacy.

Trust me!