What’s the point?

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Why this need to mark some space on a blog with an expectation that someone may read it and and get something some meaning.

Or is this just indulgence to scratch something somewhere as a legacy . This is what I managed to gift to the world this ramblings of thoughts.

Or is it more like the name suggests around a log . A log that I can come back to and refer to . Retrieve something back from the past when I thunk that thought.

Is it a place that I can safely scratch out some thoughts that will be safe within my own personal space never to be discovered by anyone.

I remember in 1994 when I got my first PC . 2 GB drive and 32 MB of ram and a 150 Pentium.

”This is gonna make me some money” I boldly announced to the family . It had certainly cost me 3.5 k.

6 years later I began my career in IT and am still figuring out the landscape , the meaning the reasons .

Much like life really trying to find meaning and purpose.

I think I will ever only just scratch the surface …

Perhaps that’s it?


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