Keep on talking

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The other night for me was a very restless night. An old friend has taken his own life and a TV announcer also. I was talking with a family friend also. They’re in the midst of dealing with mental health issues. All the familiar sounding emotional blackmails, treading on fragile glass, doing things to not upset so and so.  A whole lot of going round and round in this turmoil.

I was remembering all these familiar things. How people don’t talk and keep things in.  So many aspects.

“the system has failed them”

Yeah and I’m still angry.

What can we do. Can we stop altering our lives and talk direct , address , confront , stop this emotional blackmail. No I don’t want to change my behaviour any more. I want to say. No that’s not right you can’t blackmail me anymore.

So is part of the solution

take of the kid gloves a bit

help them to talk , push those buttons.

Suicide. It’s so hard .

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