One shot at this

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Recently I applied to get on a committee. A frightening experience indeed. I’m motivated to get amongst this world of Governance. 

Anyhow, I think I let my confidence get in my way somewhat. 

I had to do a presentation and some collaboration workshops. My presentation I began working on weeks in advance. I had a good story to tell. But was it enough? No I thought . I added more to the story but it was other things…distractions. 

Then as there was so many applicants . Our presentations were cut from 5 to 3 minutes. I culled my presentation …well that’s a strong word. I kept on reading and deciding that deserves to stay…oh yeah that also. I forgot the rule 

Introduction to me an the idea

Middle – flesh out the idea

End supporting the idea 

All else I should have tossed. Then during the actual event I tried to cull it on the fly. I felt I hadn’t even begun.

Only get one chance at it really.

But I had all the time and more to get ready for that one chance.

Note to self.   Don’t let this happen again.

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