It is the fiction that binds us

I have begun to read Sapiens. Very early in the book he stated that Sapiens were able to get ahead because of ability to tell stories. To create belief systems.

This really was the best statement ever. The lights went on. Our success as humans has been based on our fictions.

The more I say it or write it the more it rings true.

All our religious, politics, companies, all based on fictions.

I can no longer read non fiction . I am more likely to find more bang for my buck in a fiction. Less disagreements perhaps. If I state a fact it can be challenged.

This has indeed stopped me in my tracks.

I may never need to read again.

I have been an active atheist for sometime now. I’m beginning to think I may get better heath If I have some kind of faith, some belief system.

I do believe that people are good .

I do believe that we all want to get along.

Really. Maybe I need to take up some religion and get some more faith !!