Therapy in sharing

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I have been involved in group therapy and found it to be very distracting. I would find myself more involved in other peoples things and end up avoiding my own work.

I have found ways over the years to share my thoughts with anybody. Friends family and more recently blog and public speaking. I must say that I am finding these last two methods of sharing to be very therapeutic.

Today I gave a talk at Toastmasters entitled “Being more present with my whanau.” I did not write the speech I let thoughts on a couple of ideas just tumble and turn in the days leading up to the talk.

The basis was there I wanted to say something about family, the abhorrent past and the beauty of my family today.

Why then did I find myself wanting to be distant to be alone? I have been looking for family for many years.

Or had I ?

Even the meetings theme steered me towards my Dad and me being a Dad.

I was also investigating my communication style. I think the unprepared real ness of letting it out is exactly my style.

I think this moment is right to say it like this and off I go.

I am now noticing this is also liberated me from the fog of notes and nerves.

More bang for my buck, layers of messages that I think others can relate and can resonate. Plus I am getting the value add of my own therapy.

Today I thought moments before I got up. I used to be embarrassed about being likened to Dad. Now I am proud and am happy to take the compliment. He is part of what is me.

Sharing this with others is a great way of making something positive rather than dwelling on pain.

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