Thoughts on repairing the past

For years and years I have reflected on my school years and the aspects of cruelty and the morale hiatus that seemed to exist during those years.

I have tried to explain to others that the “Lord of the flies”, was a picnic compared to life as it was for me for my school years from aged 9 through to 16.

I have at times thought that someone should have been more responsible and not allowed things to happen.

At times I think how could this happen.

  1. There was the archaic school doctrine and rules to abide by or you were caned.
  2. There was a bullying and full fagging system that was self governing by “seniority”
  3. Staff that were sometimes sadists, some paedophiles that had another set of rules . They were in a position of trust and care.

All of us children were from broken homes from tragedy, divorce or otherwise.

So many people to blame.

Some of the kids from that age have been so messed up. Some have suicided, some have had tortured lives trying to grow up.

How does one heal from this.  The only way to heal is to not let this happen again to break the cycle . Stop and heal for the future . The damage from the past can’t be undone.

By healing the future though there is hope.