Vinyl again….resistance is futile

All I can say is wow. The customer has protested me thinks and has affected the system yet again. This time in a reaction to all the streaming or the stealing or CD’s too easy to copy. Vinyl is making a comeback. I’m resisting still I don’t want to change the record turn it over. My days of pondering the record cover is gone. I can get all the info I need online.

No I don’t want to recreate the collection . When I buy can I please have the option to buy FLAC files.  Can this be another channel to release the music to me.

I have never liked MP3 streaming and the Spotify world of streaming. I have found a haven in .  Pay for listening by donation . I love it . Lossless files streamed to me and I never know what’s next . Like Radio used to do I hear something I like I go find it.

So from a wee tiny voice let me buy FLAC files if CD’s are dead let me have the choice. I am so loathed to collect large records again.

Let the buyer have choice